The People’s Republic of China has begun a new round of aggression around Taiwan, stating their navy will conduct searches of ships in the strait. The move is seen as highly provocative, and Taiwan’s Coast Guard sent notices to any vessel to contact them if harassed by the PLA.

Beijing’s new round of aggression follows their geopolitical dispute over the sovereignty of Taiwan amid Taipei’s growing relations with the United States. Mirroring Xi Jinping’s determination to unite the Republic, even if it comes to force, shows the need to prepare for all scenarios.

Xi Jinping and the One China Policy

Xi Jinping, the Communist Party Chairman, is determined to thrust China to the forefront of geopolitics. He would have to upend the United States through a more comprehensive and pragmatic foreign policy or confrontation to do this.

The ultimate prize for Xi to upend the United States would be the reunification of Taiwan with mainland China, even by military force. On Beijing’s constitution, there is a clause to unite the isle through any means necessary, and for the ambitious party head, this looks to be his grand achievement.

Why Is Xi Becoming More Aggressive Over Taiwan?

Xi has been embroiled in China’s uncertain future compared to his predecessor, Hu Jintao. The pandemic response has come under international scrutiny. One such case included a high-rise fire that killed dozens as citizens could not escape and were locked in due to China’s brutal Covid laws.

Despite the Belt and Road initiative, economic progress has stagnated, and China is facing one of the world’s fastest demographic collapses. The lack of jobs for the younger population has led to the youth emigrating to Western countries, and the world witnessed his party dispute with the Hu Jintao faction.

With any strongman, war is the best way to distract a population from internal problems. Akin to Putin, Saddam, Khomeini, and autocrats in history, Xi’s way out of these situations that threaten his undisputed power is through war, and the capture of Taiwan could be his answer.