Tropical islands in the South China Sea have become a major strategic headache between China and the United States. As tensions escalate over China’s construction of military installations on disputed islands, the United States Navy has sent extra warships to the waterway. A Chinese fighter jet recently flew so close to an American surveillance plane that there was nearly a collision.

Now, China appears to be taking a softer approach to its claims.

Want a wedding on a remote island? Come to the Paracels, says Xiao Jie, who administers that group of islands. If you crave diving and windsurfing, he adds, we have just the spot for you.

The Paracels, a cluster of islands on the western edge of the South China Sea where Vietnam and Taiwan also have claims, are perfect for tourism, water sports and romantic weddings, Mr. Xiao told China Daily, a state-run English-language newspaper, in an article published Friday.

“We will develop some islands and reefs to accommodate a select number of tourists,” Mr. Xiao said.

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