In yet another bellicose move by China,  the Chinese military, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), sparked a new border clash with India. Two separate incidents, which occurred within a 48-hour period, left one Indian soldier of Tibetan origin dead. 

While the two sides have had a border dispute in the Himalayas for decades, this latest clash comes after the PLA conducted an incursion into the southern end of the Pangong Tso Lake, an area accepted to be Indian territory. 

The PLA built encampments to take possession of hilltops around Pangong Tso, a lake at an altitude of 13,800 feet. Then, inside of the contested area, the PLA began building infrastructure around the encampments to support larger operations and lay claim to the area. It is a tactic that both sides have used. 

When Indian troops arrived, a scuffle broke out that nearly erupted in another all-out brawl like the one that occurred in June. A Chinese PLA Colonel then withdrew his troops, reportedly against the wishes of Beijing.