The Chinese military has been increasing its amphibious combat skills and command capabilities, which were displayed during a recent landing exercise aired by state broadcaster CCTV. The People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps used multiple types of weapons, equipment, and combat models for the exercise, including amphibious armored vehicles and assault boats. These militarized watercraft are designed to provide enhanced mobility in maritime environments and can be used to launch surprise attacks against an enemy.

“In such a joint landing exercise, the operations of sweeping out obstacles, reconnaissance force penetration and attack, combined with assault force maritime firepower strike operations, previously required a high degree of cooperation among multiple battalions of the brigade,” Wu Dan, commander of the brigade’s combined arms battalion was quoted as saying by CCTV.
“Now, we only need one combined arms battalion to do it independently.”

Chinese AAVs

The People’s Republic of China’s Type 05 amphibious armored vehicle (AAV) is designed to rapidly deploy marines onto austere beachheads from amphibious assault ships. It is a tracked, ship-to-shore vehicle capable of high-speed travel and excellent maneuverability. Its features make it uniquely suited for its purpose, allowing it to reach destinations more rapidly than other vehicles of its kind.

Type 05 has a long hydraulic bow flap that extends outwards when in the water. This allows the vehicle to skim over the surface of the water, similar to how normal boats do at high speeds. It also folds onto the front glacis when not used, providing additional armor protection to the hull.