New reports prove that the Chinese nuclear arsenal has been constructed with the aid of American technology.

The fast growth of Beijing’s nuclear forces has been enabled by American nuclear and missile technology acquired by Chinese spies and US space and nuclear cooperation in the 1990s, according to an overview of Chinese technology records and internal US government documents. 

The Pentagon reported last month that by 2035, China’s arsenal of strategic nuclear warheads would reach a minimum of 1,500, up from 200 only a few years ago and 400 warheads presently. Adm. Charles Richard, the former commander of the US nuclear forces, highlighted the Chinese nuclear development last month by informing Congress that the size of Chinese nuclear forces for the first time surpasses that of the United States in one of three particular areas – warheads, long-range missiles or launchers

Adm. Richard told Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that China had achieved a “strategic breakout.” Meanwhile, Peter Huessy, president of Geostrategic Analysis, who has examined China’s nuclear buildup, said the enlargement of China’s nuclear stockpile is both alarming and mainly based on American know-how obtained by Beijing legitimately illicitly over the decades