China takes a strong stance in the Ukraine war, declaring it will not sell military equipment to both Ukraine and Russia. The Asian superpower has declared neutrality in the continued conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as their Foreign Minister Qin Gang stated in a news briefing last Friday. 

This is amidst growing concern from Western nations over possible military assistance provided by China to Russia and punishing sanctions they have imposed on Moscow for invading Ukraine. Gang also stated in the said news briefing that any exports related to dual civilian-military use would be regulated strictly according to relevant laws and regulations established by international organizations like United Nations Security Council or European Union (EU).

Regarding the export of military items, China adopts a prudent and responsible attitude,” Qin said in a news briefing in Beijing last weekend, alongside visiting German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock during their China-Germany diplomatic talks in Beijing last April 14. 

China will not provide weapons to relevant parties of the conflict and manage and control the exports of dual-use items per laws and regulations,” he stressed