China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had a lot to showcase this year, including their very own swarm of tiny gyrocopters that reportedly has a robust anti-tank game.

A recent video was released by Chinese state-operated media CCTV showing the PLA’s testing of the gyrocopters in one of their airbases. The footage shows a two-person aircraft loaded with four anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) slated on the aircraft’s underside hardpoint extensions.

The aircraft also features a small sensor turret under its nose that could potentially be used to find targets and detect missiles from miles away. This sensor could also be used for general surveillance and other tasks.

Though gyrocopters are generally used for civilian aviation because of their low-cost production, so this is an impressive innovation for China if they are able to use these for military applications.

These Chinese “Hunting Eagle Strike Gyrocopters” are propelled by an engine-powered blade in the rear and are lifted to the air with the help of autorotation of the main blade. It also needs a runway just like other aircraft, but gyrocopters do not need a really long runway for taking off.

The “Hunting Eagle” has two configurations: single and two-seater. The manufacturer said these gyrocopters “has a range of around 250 miles” with a gross weight of 1,235 lbs.

These have been manufactured by the Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles since 2014. According to the company’s main website, they have been working with the Chinese military since its establishment in 1983.