Think of a sprawling banquet table. At this table, all the world’s nations sit side by side, chatting, laughing, arguing, negotiating, and everything in between. There’s a reason why they’re all gathered around this table: global peace treaties

These might sound like big words, as intimidating as deciphering the instructions for that new piece of furniture you bought online. But they’re not as complex as they seem to be.


But what happens when someone new takes the head seat at this table? Imagine, for instance, if China – now sitting prominently at this table – suddenly rose to become the most influential voice in the room. How might that change the conversation around global peace treaties?

There might be some shake-ups when the new boss starts at your workplace. Would the rise of China as a superpower potentially alter how these treaties come about and function? Would other nations need to change their strategies or the way they interact with each other?