Dr. Christian Lambertsen The men and woman of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) developed many spectacular devices for war-time use: exploding coal, invisible ink, tasteless poisons, miniature cameras and exotic knives.Some of these developments advanced after the war’s conclusion and were integrated into the military’s arsenal. One such invention was designed by Dr. Christian Lambertsen, what we refer to today as SCUBA.

Dr. Lambertsen was a US Army and OSS officer who studied respiratory physiology at medical school. He is directly responsible for most of the technology used for Combat Swimming Operations in the United States today.

His inventions laid the groundwork for technology used by NASA, the Navy SEALs, the Army Green Berets, the US Coast Guard, and diving enthusiasts around the world. He has been called the “Father of the Frogmen” and the “Father of American SCUBA.”

Dr. Christian Lambertsen – inventor, environmentalist, professor, scientist, combat veteran, medical doctor, and pioneer in undersea and aerospace medicine – is one of the most influential OSS inventors in history.

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