This year with the recent election results the gun community exhaled it’s collective breath, but now that Election 2016 is over whats next? It’s Christmas 2016 of course, and with that comes the so called “Black Friday” sales. That makes this time of year perfect of making an AR-15 Build Box for the gunner in your family. This simple and affordable idea is available from for just under $10.00, but what it really allows you to do it combine being crafty with secretly getting gun parts the AR-15 fan in your family.

In this current time of a very saturated AR-15 market, a person can easily find a complete upper mins the barrel for for under $50, add to that a polymer or aluminum 80% lower from a company like 80% Arms,or and you can start to build a unique gift package that is sure to shock the recipient this year. The advantages of the 80% receivers have been well documented and with the help of a few simple power tools most people with a small amount of mechanical skill can assemble their own AR15.

You can use this base idea and expand from there, in the template that comes from you can easily make some minor adjustments to the foam layout to make it fit your plan. The other option that is less in tune with the christmas spirit is to just use their idea and create your own box set up and present your gun gift ideas in a blank unlabeled way, to add to the surprise of christmas. The holidays are a time of celebration and there is no better way to celebrate the election and the expanded firearms freedoms that I hope we earn, that with the gift of firearms, firearms parts and magazines.

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This article courtesy of Rick Dembroski of The Arms Guide.