If you’ve ever wondered about the CIA‘s hiring practices, you’re not alone. The idea brings up a host of questions: Where do I apply? How hard is it to become a spy? In an agency that seems dominated by men, are there any female spies?

Turns out the CIA would love more females on board, and they have a special way to recruit them. Runa Sandvik, a user of the non-profit news site MuckRock dedicated to sharing and analyzing government documents, filed a Freedom of Information Act request a year ago for the agency’s recruitment materials — geared specifically at women. The results recently came in and were shared on MuckRock and Atlas Obscura.

As it turns out, the CIA has more than a few thoughts on how to “target women,” as they put it.

Embedded in an otherwise somewhat banal list of potential reasons women might not choose to work for the CIA is arguably one of the most interesting ways the brief differentiates prospective female recruits from their male counterparts — the “inability to decline an assignment they do not support.”

This may be the only claim in the brief that addresses female psychology on a deep, moral level — beyond how women plan and live their day-to-day lives or react to how they are depicted in advertisements.

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