Since the CIA wants more women within its ranks, the spy agency had to figure out what women really want.

And as it turns out, they want flexible work arrangements and good benefits, according to the CIA’s internal recruiting guidelines, which were recently released on MuckRock due to a Freedom of Information request from Runa Sandvik.

That’s just one of the conclusions the CIA has of its “target segment — women” demographic.

Here’s what else we found.

The CIA says it only did one study on women it targets for recruiting, so there’s probably plenty of work to be done.

But in the overview of its research, the CIA says the Internet is the first place women go to when searching for jobs. They look on company websites and job boards like Monster, or find stuff on Facebook and LinkedIn.

When choosing positions, the CIA says the most important aspect for women is salary. Other factors are health care benefits, vacation and sick leave, and education benefits.

There are other intangibles cited, like flexible work schedules, work/life balance, and collaborative environments. “The CIA should communicate that it offers flexible work arrangements and good benefits,” the guide says. “Two of the most important factors to women searching for employment.”