Black-and-white photos of endless Allied mechanized columns advancing into Germany hint at the unbelievable numbers of military vehicles built to turn WWII’s tide. That flood of jeeps, tanks, deuce-and-a-half trucks and other motorized vehicles illustrated America’s prodigious industrial might at its apex. It’s a scene that probably inspired more than a few people to get into the hobby of collecting military vehicles. Let’s hope they did some homework first.

“One of the first pieces of advice that I give to anyone thinking about a vintage military vehicle is to join the Military Vehicle Preservation Association and take a look at the Army Motors and Supply Line magazines,” said Charlie Kuhn, a specialist for Worldwide Auctioneers and a military vehicle enthusiast.

“Once you’ve done that, think about where you’re going to put it,” Kuhn continued. “The classic GMC CCKW 350 or deuce-and-a-half trucks are huge. You’re not going to fit them in a garage any easier than a Sherman tank. You’ll need a commercial building or a pole-barn for one of those.”

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