If you’ve ever had the pure pleasure of setting off a Claymore mine you are familiar with the M7 bandoliers. The M7 bandoliers is designed to carry the mighty anti-personnel mine until it’s used. Even if you’ve only ever trained with a blue body Claymore you’ve seen the Claymore bag. The bag being the M7 bandoliers. The bag itself stores all the components needed to store a Claymore and is actually quite well-known as being generally handy as a bag with or without the Claymore mine inside.

The Claymore Bag

Combat Flip Flops decided to capitalize on the design of the M7 bandoliers and capture what it makes it awesome, while at the same time making it better. The Combat Flip Flops Claymore bagmaintains that classic Claymore M7 Bandoliers look on the outside.

The Claymore Bag By Combat Flip Flops

The inside is divided into a single main pouch that has MOLLE webbing on one side to install an internal pouch. There are two front pouches that have hook and loop and comes with two small pouches for gear. There are elastic bands on the inside of the two mini pouches to sort your goods and stay organized. You have a lot of room in this bag for almost any and every everyday carryrequirement. I’m always on the move and always toting a variety of different gear so extra room is always nice. Just the gear I carry as a writer can fill a big bag.

The Claymore Bag By Combat Flip Flops
Molle webbing on the inside.
The material is wax canvas, which means it’s waterproof. More importantly, as a parent, it’s Juice box proof. The wax canvas does give it the feeling that it is always slightly wet. However, it’s water wicking. Add on the fact it’s extremely well-built and you have a bag designed to last years and years.


Also when Combat Flip Flops say sling bag they mean sling bag. The carrying strap for this weapon is basically a two-point weapon sling. The ends are capped with two metal HK style hooks. In a pinch, it could be a decent sling. I may make it so just for fun.

The Claymore Bag By Combat Flip Flops
My biggest inspiration for getting the Claymore was my wife. She wanted one pretty hardcore for the last few weeks, ever since I showed her the Combat Flip Flop website. So we are doing something a little different for the following review. I’m going to review it, and then my wife is going to review. So you’ll get two vastly different methods of using the bag and what it carries. So stay tuned for that! Check out Combat Flip Flops here

This article courtesy of Travis Pike from The Loadout Room.