British Army Maj. Gen. Doug Chalmers, deputy commander of the anti-ISIS international coalition said that the role of western special forces on the ground in Syria will not change now that the Kurdish and Arab fighters are moving into the city of Manbij.2

“There’s no change to our profile. Strong relationships are in place with those headquarters and they will continue,” he said.

“The [military] advisers are back more with sort of the headquarters helping our planning and coordination role. And that won’t change as the forces go into there [Manbij],” he added.

British, French, and US Special Forces are assisting the operations in bases of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), not very far from the battlefronts against the Islamic State radical group (ISIS).

The German government has denied any role in the operations, despite rumours about their involvement.

The deputy commander also denied that the SDF forces are inside Manbij yet, only in the suburban areas and villages and hamlets.

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Image courtesy of AFP