Trying to find a pair of gloves that will both keep your hands warm, but still provide dexterity and the ability to shoot a pistol has been a long time challenge. I’ve had gloves in the past that do ok at both, but they were not something I would’ve recommended to anyone. If you’re not a shooter or don’t shoot outside in the cold weather, then this subject may be a moot point. Me personally, I always have my Glock 17 in my go-bag / day bag when hiking (in the winter months), so having the ability to access the gun, draw it from the bag and shoot it with gloves on is a must. Those gloves must also keep my hands warm and dry during my normal outdoor activities in the winter months.

Also in really cold weather, you want to try to avoid touching metal with your bare hands (this includes your firearms). To be able to safely and accurately employ your pistol in cold weather, you need a quality pair of gloves that are somewhat tight and thin, but still have the ability to retain heat and keep snow and rain out.

Depending on how serious of an outdoor shooter you are in the colder winter months, you may want to have a few different types of gloves for different temperature variations. For this article we are going to look at a quality glove that will cover the needs of most outdoor shooters and enthusiasts. That glove is the Black Diamond Midweight Softshell.

With the Black Diamond Midweight Softshell glove I’m able to get a positive grip on my Glock 17, work the trigger and magazine release with no issues or malfunctions. I’ll touch base with you guys later in the season with how these gloves perform. Stay tuned.

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