Editor’s Note: The following email was sent to Fabiola Santiago at the Miami Herald after her article was published criticizing  Brandon Webb’s recent article that was featured in Men’s Journal. Following the publication of Santiago’s article, comments to the original column were disabled, and then all comments were eventually deleted. -Desiree Huitt, Managing Editor

From: N Betts
Date: Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 5:19 PM
Subject: Brandon Webb
To: [email protected]

After reading your recent article about Brandon Webb’s travels to Cuba, I’ve come to the solid conclusion that your piece wasn’t journalism, or even editorial. It was just to bitch and vent about someone you clearly vehemently despise. Is it because he’s white? a SEAL? or is it because his books have sold more copies than your lonely housewife website has had visits?

Your clear disdain for his writing and travel experience does nothing but show an insecurity or protective nature over your native Cuba that you fled from due to communism. You can’t come to America and then bash the very same people that protect it and its freedoms. You have a voice, but you choose to use it like finger nails on a chalkboard. The publication that Brandon wrote for, Men’s Journal, is for men. So discussing watches, cigars, beer and women is something that may peak the interest of their customer base. You have no knowledge of Brandon’s military experience, authenticity, or net worth. Your presumptuous article is slanderous and tries as hard as a morning boner to make a man you’ve never met seem like the most pretentious, sexist white man on the planet.

As most of us with more life experience than some shit journal writing for the Herald like to say. Stay in your lane. I hope this email finds you well and desperately makes you reconsider your career choice.


Nick Betts

Featured image courtesy of the Virginia Pilot