Combat Flip Flop’s is a Veteran owned, and operated business which operates under the mantra, “Unapologetically, we make cool stuff in dangerous places”. I wrote about the first time I learned of this company in, “When Flip Flops Aren’t Enough”. To summarize, Griff and Lee (while conducting combat deployments to Afghanistan) saw a group of people who wanted jobs, not handouts. They believed that through business, not bullets they could more positively effect change in conflicted areas. To hear the whole story take a look at the video below.

Another chapter in their story was their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, where they were able to negotiate their way into a multi-shark deal. Their products include sarong (made in Afghanistan), their sandal line (made in Columbia), their jewelry line (bangles/coin wrap made from unexploded ordnance in Laos), and additional products made in the United States.

I have owned a pair of the 2015 AK-47s (sandal) for about a year, and they are still holding up well. I decided I wanted to diversify my sandal collection so I returned to Combat Flip Flop. I wanted something different from I already had. I settled on the 2016 Floperator (available in Black, Tan and Green). Unlike my Ak-47s the floperators aren’t made with leather throughout. Instead the Floperator uses a rubberized cushion, and tubular nylon for the thong portion. The same combat boot rubber outsole is used, giving the sandal stability and control.