The war in Ukraine has witnessed an array of incredibly ingenious and improvised weaponry — and this time, kayaks join ranks as war machines.

In a surprising and innovative move, the Ukrainian military has introduced tactical combat kayaks to their arsenal, aimed at bolstering their defense capabilities on rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water. This latest addition, exemplified by the two-seater Poloz-M16 combat kayak, showcases Ukraine’s decisiveness to employ unconventional and resourceful methods to counter the Russian invasion. In the face of limited international support and a dire need for modern weaponry, Ukrainian forces continue to adapt and utilize innovative solutions that could shift the tide of battle.

Meet the Poloz-M16: Ukraine’s Combat Kayak

Dubbed the Poloz-M16, this combat kayak is at the forefront of Ukraine’s river warfare strategy. Videos and images circulating on social media capture Ukrainian troops testing the kayaks before deploying them to the front lines.

Accordingly, this versatile watercraft offers multiple means of propulsion – operators can silently glide through the water using oars or activate its “almost silent” electric motor for covert operations. This capability aligns perfectly with the need for stealthy maneuvers in river-born ambushes.

Furthermore, the Poloz-M16’s adaptability is a key feature. In situations where soldiers are handling heavy weapons, the modified kayak can be remotely controlled to navigate the waterways effectively.