One of the issues with majority of the concealed carry systems available is that they are not tailored to work with female clothing. Most concealment holsters are designed to be unisex in order to fit the majority who carry. I know of several women who conceal carry, but do so off body utilizing their purse or cross body sling bag. Those all work great for general daily use, but not so much for occasions that require formal clothing or if you just don’t want to bother with carrying a purse or sling bag. I recently stumbled across the Dene Adams company on Facebook. After seeing how well their concealment holsters work, I had no choice but to give them some airtime on the Loadout Room. If you’re a woman who carries concealed check them out. If you’re a husband or significant other that wants to get your gun-toting woman something cool, check out Dene Adams.

check out the following video for proof of how well the Dene Adams designs work.

Dene Adams offers some great solutions for women who carry concealed such as the body shaping thigh holster and the Concealed Carry for Women | Dene Adamscorset holster.

Concealed Carry for Women | Dene AdamsI’m just a guy writing this article, so if you’re a woman and carry concealed we’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

This article courtesy of Scott Witner from The Loadout Room.

Images courtesy of Dene Adams Facebook Page