I’ve always been intrigued by automatic knives, especially the OTF (Out of The Front) opening knives. When it comes to OTF knives I prefer the double action, meaning that the knife can be both deployed and closed with one hand. This allows one-handed use at all times, is faster and more streamlined. Generally automatic knives are for utility tasks and personal defense. You’re not going to take an automatic knife out into the woods and use it as a survival knife. There are several manufacturers of automatic knives, but today we’re going to take a look at a lesser known company by the name of Conquest Tactical. They produce a OTF knife called the Fury.

One thing I will say about the Conquest Tactical Fury is that it is on the larger side of carry knives, which is why you have the option of carrying it in the included sheath. The size of the knife does allow for escalation of force though. You can use the knife as an impact weapon by utilizing the glass breaker on the end of the handle. If things escalate from there, then you can deploy the blade and “go to work”.

Conquest Tactical Fury OTF Knife
Glass breaker. Can also be used as an impact weapon.

The other feature I really like is the traction you get on the knife due to the milled out T6 aircraft aluminum handle. The pattern that is milled out provides you with a positive retention of the knife when you hands are wet, bloody or shaky in a stressful situation.