Regardless of whether you are a hardcore outdoor enthusiast or just like hosting barbecues, you can benefit from owning a cooler. I primarily use coolers when I am hunting. I will go into the woods for days at a time and I need my perishables to last as long as possible. Also, once my game is harvested I now have a place to keep the meat cool while I transport it prior to processing (if we don’t process in the field).

Recently, I decided I wanted an upgrade to my current cooler. My knee-jerk reaction was to go with the top-of-the-market Yeti coolers. These coolers are badass. Looking at my needs specifically, I decided to concentrate on the Tundra model(s). The Tundra is Yeti’s original heavy-duty cooler. According to their website, “The Yeti Tundra is a rugged, all-purpose, large cooler that comes in a variety of sizes for wilderness expeditions, hunting, fishing, tailgating, and more”.

Sounds perfect right? The Tundra model(s) range from $299-$1399.99, depending on accessories and the size you want. This got me thinking. Typically, when I leave the campsite for the day, I leave my cooler behind. Would I be comfortable leaving something worth this much money alone while I am out hunting? I don’t want to be worrying about something while I am hunting as I need to concentrate on the hunt at hand. Sorry Yeti, perhaps our paths will cross again one day.

So, I began to look at other companies. Ice retention, sound construction, practical parts, and wallet-friendly were my main goals. After a lot of shopping around I decided to go with a Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme 6 Cooler. Regularly $99.99, however, my local hunting store was having a tent sale and I got this cooler for $69.99. My previous cooler was a Coleman also, so I am pretty familiar with their products.