Copper Basin has a bag specifically designed for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown.  We don’t own a Ruger 10/22, but were willing to take a chance, besides with a bag so well-built, how could we go wrong?

The bag has the look and feel of something you might pick up at REI.  There isn’t a hint of tactical anywhere on the outside of the bag.  Even the colors look “hiker.”  So much that models for the cover of RECOIL may not be able to use this bag; full-sleeve tattooed gym-rats need not apply.

On the outside there are a few simple organizer pouches for snacks and things to keep handy, and two expandable mesh pouches that ask for a Nalgene bottle.  The bottom of the bag is rubberized for both moisture protection and to reduce the chances of a muzzle device printing.  In fact, the entire bag is lightly padded to disrupt the profile of anything you put in it.  Shoulder straps and back are padded and lined with the typical moisture-wiking mesh one would expect from a hiking bag.

Inside there are padded and lined pockets for the front and rear or upper and lower of a takedown rifle.  Velcro keeps everything closed and two smaller pockets work for magazines or suppressors.  Smaller pockets also permit organization.

We took the pack out for a walk with our Zenith Z5-RS with a folding brace and found it fit quite nicely.  To see the bag in action watch the video below: