There are a lot of flimsy hipster box clubs out there with fancy grooming tools, and “be a better beta” handbooks however, SOFREP wanted to really bring you guys something special.

We can’t count the amount of times our guy (and lady) friends hit us up for our hard earned tactical Special Ops know how.

  • “What tac light do I buy?”
  • “What’s your favorite knife?”
  • “What book are you reading now?”
  • “Favorite Hand gun laser site?”
  • “Favorite multi-tool?”
  • “Pistol grips?”
  • “What do I put in my bug out bag?”

We could go on…

So here you go folks, we are using our contacts and years of knowledge to find you the best tactical gear and gadgets (and some cool books). Most are collectables that will last you a lifetime. Plus our strength in numbers gets us wholesale, sometimes better than wholesale, pricing.

This is our first Crate, and like good wine, these will only get better with time.

Spots are limited for this trial so sign up now and get yours in time for the Holidays. SOFREP’s Crate Club.