If you’re into Special Ops guys hand picking badass gear and sending it directly to you, check out The Crate Club. If not, go ahead and click back over to your Pinterest page and read about chalk painting your nightstand. The Crate Club is a monthly subscription model similar to BarkBox but instead of spoiling your four-legged friend, you’re spoiling yourself with tactical and survival gear. Each month, The Loadout Room will be reviewing some of the items found in the current month’s crate. January’s Standard crate includes a Princeton Tec Fred headlamp and 4 Mini LED Glow Sticks. I’ll be taking a closer look at the NITE IZE LED Mini Glow Stick.

Everyone is familiar with the good ‘ole fashion Chemlite. Crack it, shake it up, mark something and watch that baby glow for 8-10 hours before the chemical reaction quits. The beauty of the NITE IZE LED Mini Glow Stick is it’s re-usability, burn time and the ability to turn it off when no longer needed. I remember opening boxes and boxes of Chemlites to distribute while in Ranger Battalion. Now I’d just be distributing a few tiny batteries. Just twist the top of the glow stick and you’ll get a 60 hour burn time. These little LED powered waterproof glow sticks are pretty efficient, and they float!

Crate Club Review | NITE IZE LED Mini Glow Stick
Mini LED attached to a plate carrier

The many uses for the LED Mini Glow Sticks are limited only by your imagination. Camping, hunting, backpacking, kayaking, jogging, whatever you want. Hell, put one on your dog’s collar at night. They would make a nice addition to an EDC kit as well. I placed a blue one in my medical kit since you can’t see blood with a red light. The green glow stick found its way into my flight bag as a back up to my primary flashlight. And finally, the red LED Mini Glow Stick will be in the glove compartment of my vehicles for signaling or as an improvised flare. Also included is an S-biner on the top of the LED Mini Glow Stick for ease of attaching to various items.

The Crate Club Specs:

  • Crate Club “Standard” $29.99/ month
  • Crate Club “Pro” $59.99/ month
  • Crate Club “Premium” $399.99/ quarter

With three different price points to choose from, there is surely a crate that will fit your budget and taste. The Crate Club is also a great gift idea for that family member that’s tired of receiving the same old tie or cologne but too polite to say anything. Stop wasting time and sign up for the Crate Club. “Tactical & Survival gear curated and certified by former Special Ops, delivered to you every month.”

Crate Club Review | NITE IZE LED Mini Glow Stick
Crate Club Standard 2017.01