The year was 2003; I was standing in what looked to be a cowboy town made out of fence post lumber, and I was being directed to shoot the steel targets in front of me. The place was a range called Tac2 in East TN. The targets were in various configurations; I recall a steel plate rack, some silhouettes, and a large circle with each arm holding a steel circle. I discovered the latter contraption was called a Texas star.

Following the directions given I soon felt the euphoria of engaging targets that provided instant feedback. What had I been doing for years shooting paper and cardboard?  Shooting glorified pizza boxes as if that was enough.

My life changed in an instant. Now, I was AWAKE.

I’m sure you sense the hyperbole by now, but seriously, I do like to shoot steel targets. So when I was given the opportunity to check out the silhouettes from CTS, I didn’t hesitate.