The Marine Corps is creating a new fitness job to pad their ranks and protect Marines from injury via prevention, something we’ve enjoyed in SOF. It made a huge difference to me. I think this is a great new trend in the conventional ranks.

What’s your fran time? What’s your bench? These are couple of my favorite of my crossfit and meathead questions. They aren’t really relevant to performance on the field. A high bench press hasn’t helped anyone in selection for a Special Mission Unit.

But, your ability to bench press your own body weight ten times does say something about your overall fitness. As does your front and back squat compared to your body weight. Your ability to row and run and at what level matters, too. You’re ability to carry weight and traverse distance is paramount.

THOR3, Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Recovery and Rehabilitation, which I’ve written of in the past – is a great resource in Special Forces Groups. For me, once I tapped into it – it changed my experience at Group. It did a lot for me. It gave me a sense of support, and community.