CZ’s Scorpion Carbine is finally here.

I love CZs, to the moon and back, CZ firearms are completely and wholeheartedly underrated. I was extremely excited when my local gunstore called letting me know the CZ Scorpion carbine was in stock. CZ is a Czech company that produces a wide variety of different firearms. They are most famously known for three or four weapons. First and foremost the venerable CZ 75 was one of the first wonder nine automatics. Then you have the SA vz. 58, the AK look alike that is completely different than the actual AK series. You also have the VZ 52 which became famous for its 1950 ray gun looks and it’s extremely affordable price tag when it hit American shores. Lastly, you have a gun many will recognize from movies and television, the vz 61 Skorpion.

Scorpion side profile
Sleek and Slim


The Skorpion has been reimagined into a more traditional submachine gun platform, now known as the Scorpion Evo 3.  This submachine gun was quickly turned into a semi-automatic pistol introduced in late 2015. What followed was a 922R kit with a stock for those looking to go the NFA route. I wasn’t one of those folks, although I did own the Scorpion pistol. The 922R kits couldn’t be found on shelves and the rare times you could find one they were priced above MSRP. That cost, plus NFA tax stamp, the cost for a trust, and the waiting period just wasn’t for me. When the Scorpion rifles were announced my ear perked up.