In the continued pursuit of modernization, the United States Navy recently awarded the revered aviation firm Curtiss-Wright Corporation a $250-million contract to provide propulsion equipment for the service’s Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine, Columbia-class submarine, and Ford-class aircraft carrier programs.

This milestone is a groundbreaking development progress for the Navy and a remarkable feat for Curtiss-Wright’s expertise in engineering and manufacturing advanced technologies for naval defense—all in cooperation to bolster the country’s maritime capabilities.

Securing a $250-Million Contract for Naval Propulsion Equipment

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has secured a million-dollar contract alongside General Dynamics Electric Boat and Bechtel Plant Machinery. This recent agreement entails the delivery of crucial propulsion valves, control systems, pumps, and advanced instrumentation. This cutting-edge component aims to enhance the U.S. Navy’s vessels’ performance and reliability on the open seas.

aircraft carrier
Ford-class aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) / Image source: DVIDS

Curtiss-Wright’s commitment to strengthening national security and supporting the U.S. Nuclear Navy is long-standing, dating back to its extensive involvement in various critical naval defense platforms. The company’s Chair and CEO, Lynn M. Bamford, expressed pride in being awarded these significant naval defense contracts, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to providing the most sophisticated and dependable technologies to the U.S. Navy.