The groundbreaking for Army Cyber Command’s new complex at Fort Gordon, Georgia, represents a crucial turning point for the nation’s ability to fight in the cyber domain and diminish gaps in capability, Army leaders said Tuesday at the event.

“We are demonstrating to our adversaries that no matter how warfare may change, we intend to fight, win and dominate,” said Army Secretary Eric Fanning at the groundbreaking ceremony. “Cyberspace can be considered the ultimate high ground. … We intend to degrade, disrupt, destroy and manipulate any enemy.”

The investment in the new cyber complex “is a turning point in the nation’s and the Army’s ability to project power in cyberspace,” said Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, who took command of Army Cyber Command and Second Army in October. “It sends a powerful message: The United States Army is ready, willing and able to defend our nation and our national interests, defeat our adversaries on land and in cyberspace and protect freedoms we enjoy today, tomorrow and in the future.”

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Image courtesy of DoD