During World War II, almost all men were drafted to service to join the war effort. On the Western Front during that time, it was hard to imagine how the lives of those deployed and those left behind had drastically changed— the mothers, fathers, siblings, partners, and children. Not only that, but the constant fear of getting killed or the worry for your loved one deployed in the warzone was agonizing. Families endured these just like the Mowforth couple. The couple had only been married for three months before the husband, Cyril, was sent off to war in 1940, leaving his wife, Olga, for six long years.

Sent to War

Cyril and Olga first met on a lengthy trip. They both played an active role in their community after the war in the 50s and 60s. They also led and vegetarian diet. While we now have veganism, pescetarianism, and other particular diet forms, the vegetarian diet was uncommon then.

Olga and Cyril also volunteered for the Youth Hostel Association. After they relocated, Olga was elected as an independent member of the Woodcote Parish Council and the Henley Rural District Council, with her name even listed on a village hall plaque.

While she was in the position, Olga lobbied the area’s water board to connect every household to the mains drainage, so they didn’t have to rely on cesspits.