This is a shooting review of the CZ P-07 Gen 2 in 9mm. I have put over 5000 rounds through it without any malfunctions.

I am going to do my best to describe what it is like to shoot this pistol to this round count. Now just to get it out of the way, you get the pistol with two mags, two backstraps, a manual safety conversion kit, a cleaning brush and patch rod, a lock, and a test target with a manual. And all this is secured in a black plastic box, secured by golden plastic tabs, with the CZ logo on the front for an MSRP of $530.

CZ has grown in popularity in recent years, due in large part to their relatively new line of polymer framed pistols. The CZ P-07 in particular has become a big hit, in my opinion, because it is about the same size and capacity as the Glock19, but with a different…..everything.

glock vs p07 (1)glock vs p07 (2)

It is the same height (5”), about the same width (minus the controls, which really don’t make much of a difference when carrying), and length (but with a 3.8” barrel w/ standard rifling). It may be a little thicker, but with all the angles, it seems to carry so much better than the Glock.

You will see that the CZ P-07 has a lot of character inside and out. CZ put a lot of attention-to-detail into this design, and it shows. When holding the pistol, it feels like I’m shaking hands with the pistol instead of just holding it. The texturing on the front of the grip and on the backstrap are perfect for keeping your hand secure in all conditions, wet or dry.  I stuck with the smaller of the backstraps, since I have smaller hands. And of course, as with almost every CZ, it points naturally. The CZ P-07 inherited the slide-in-frame of all the other CZ 75 style pistols, which I have found to be quite easy to run. CZ, over the decades, has perfected this design and made it incredibly durable and reliable. The slide is a little wider than the traditional CZ 75 design, but this allows it to be easier to manipulate along with a couple other factors that we will get into later. Now it has departed slightly from the traditional full contact with the frame, and has adopted the current style of four smaller frame rails.

CZ P-07 triggerCZ P-07 locking block