Months before the country’s national election, Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek has told reporters that his ministry’s email system was hacked by what appears to be a foreign state — and that the attack was similar to those carried out against the Democrats ahead of last year’s U.S. election.

“When I discussed this with the best experts that we have here, they told me that the character of the attack was such that the attack was very sophisticated, that it must have been, according to them, conducted by some foreign state, from the outside,” Zaoralek said at a news conference Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The Czech foreign minister also said cybersecurity experts had told him that the way the attack was carried out “very much resembles the character of attacks against the system of the Democratic Party in the United States.”

While Zaoralek didn’t specify the country he thought might be behind the attack, U.S. intelligence officials have accused Russia of involvement in the theft of Democratic National Committee emails last year. Intelligence officials say that these attacks were designed to hurt the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee who eventually lost to Republican Donald Trump in the November election.

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Featured image courtesy of Radio Prague