A Texas teenager was lured into sex trafficking after meeting her alleged captors on Snapchat, her father says.

John Clark, a Houston-area energy executive, turned detective to rescue his 18-year-old daughter weeks after she went missing in April of this year.

When the high-schooler vanished, Clark hired a private kidnap and rescue firm, consulted experts, and even bought his own 1-800 number to get tips after the sheriff’s office allegedly refused to create one.

“If it was up to what I want, I wouldn’t talk about this,” Clark told The Daily Beast on Monday. “It’s difficult to go through and emotionally draining. But I feel compelled to help other families and keep them from going through what we did.

“I’ve got to do something,” he added.

Clark first shared his story with KHOU over the weekend, telling the TV station his daughter was “groomed” by her alleged captor starting at age 16. The trafficker was in his 20s, and the two met at a party before she disappeared.

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