Initial reports from the Dallas shooting described multiple snipers with AR-15s.  CBS news later reported that the terrorist in Dallas used an antique, the SKS.  Based on the image below, it now appears that the shooter used a modified Saiga IZ-240 5.45mm rifle. I will not mention his name.

These Police officers gave their lives in Dallas:

  • Officer Brent Thompson -Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens -Dallas Police Department
  • Police Officer Michael Krol -Dallas Police Department
  • Sergeant Michael Joseph Smith   -Dallas Police Department
  • Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa -Dallas Police Department

Details have emerged about the shooter.  He was a member of the Army Reserve for six years starting in 2009 and received basic combat and marksmanship training.  He served in Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014, assigned to the 420th Engineer Brigade as a carpentry and masonry specialist. There are reports that he was sent home from Afghanistan in 2014 charged with sexual harassment. He later received an honorable discharge.

He attended civilian shooting training at the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts in the Dallas suburb of Richardson. A spokesman for the New Black Panther party confirmed that the shooter was member for about 6 months. He left the group after he displayed reluctance to follow the chain of command.

Police officials found guns, bomb making materials and a tactical journal describing his ideas of fighting.  From the videos from the shooting, he understood the use of cover and concealment as well as the importance of movement.  He made it clear to negotiators that he was out to kill white people.

A source told SOFREP and that when Dallas SWAT made entry after the detonation of the explosive device, they encountered a Saiga IZ-240 semiautomatic rifle on the floor among the rubble.  The weapon had a 30 round magazine, single point sling, Magpul folding stock and a rail system with a Primary Arms 5 power scope.

A gory picture of the shooters body has been published, WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC.

Image courtesy of The Arms Guide and SOFREP
Image courtesy of The Arms Guide and SOFREP

A photo from the scene shows that the rifle was a modified Saiga IZ-240 rifle with a Primary Arms five power scope.  A five power scope makes things appear five times closer than the actual distance,  This scope would allow a very average shooter to see and  hit a man size target at 300 yards.  The reality was that the shots he took were close and did not require a sophisticated rifle or any particular “sniper” skill.