As you probably already know, a quality belt is the foundation of your concealed carry loadout. Not only does a quality belt need to be rigid enough to support your pistol, but it also needs to be made in a way that it will last a long time and be resilient to daily use both indoors and outdoors. I recently reviewed the DalTech Bullbelt Gun Belt; one of the most comfortable leather belts I’ve owned and worn.

Daltech Force recently sent me their new IndestructiBELT to review. One of the first things I noticed with this new belt is the thin profile of the material. It has a thinner profile than most leather gun belts making it much easier to thread through your pants belt loops. Even though the profile is thin, it is also very rigid and doesn’t collapse at all under pressure.

DalTech Force IndestructiBELT | The World's Strongest Gun Belt

The belt will become more pliable over time as you wear it, but it will not lose its rigidity and wear resistance at all.

So what makes this belt indestructible? DalTech enlightened me on some of the key features that make this belt ‘indestructible’.

• High-strength polymer exterior with an internal webbing for strength; stronger than natural leather

• Will not absorb water, oil, chemicals and other harsh environments

• Exhibits inherent resistance to salt water and sweat