The United States has many colossal dams, hydroelectric power generators like Hoover and Grand Coulee so monumental in scale and purpose that they have been celebrated in song by Woody Guthrie and others.

The Bowman Avenue Dam in this low-key suburban village in Westchester County is not one of those. Its opening is about the width of a modest living room, and the 20-foot-tall dam itself essentially keeps a babbling creek, the Blind Brook, from flooding basements and ground floors in houses downstream.

Yet, according to the authorities, it was the computer-guided controls of this dam that seven Iranian computer hackers chose to penetrate on behalf of that country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, as part of a plot that also breached or paralyzed 46 of the nation’s largest financial institutions and blocked hundreds of thousands of customers from accessing their bank accounts online. The cyberattacks were disclosed in an indictment that Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced on Thursday.

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Image courtesy of New York Times