Television reporter Alex Quade has covered US Special Operations Forces numerous times in Iraq and Afghanistan and she earned the trust and respect of the troops who are normally distrustful of reporters and the media in general.

Now she is telling their story with a documentary “Danger Close” that will premiere on Thursday night in Tampa Bay. The title Danger Close denotes a military term where friendly troops are in such close proximity to the enemy, they are in danger of suffering from artillery, mortars or air attacks.

Quade has compiled footage on the ground with Special Operations Forces and will show their families back home and the American public what dangers the troops face on a daily basis fighting in faraway lands.

This is the closest Americans will get to go along with elite special forces troops and other amazing service members,” said Quade, 48. “This is as ‘danger close’ to war as you will possibly get and it shows the love in this brotherhood and for each other.”

Quade is headed to Tampa for the debut. She said she was inspired to make the film and to spend so much time embedding with commandos in Afghanistan and Iraq, by a motto U.S. troops follow.

“Operators would never leave a fallen soldier behind,” she said. “And the truth shouldn’t be left behind either.”

The choice of Tampa for the premiere was a no-brainer; it is the home of the US Special Operations Command and many will attend including several Medal of Honor recipients. Quade also told the story of Green Beret Staff sergeant Robert Pirelli of the 10th Special Forces Group. He was killed in Iraq by small arms fire in 2005.

 Rob’s dad made me promise that I would let him know that his son wouldn’t be forgotten over there,” Quade says in the trailer.