When it comes to portable chargers, I’ve always needed them, but I’ve never exactly been excited about them. After all, what could possibly be exciting about a rectangular charging block that is utilized solely for charging my electronics? Are they necessary for me? Yes. Exciting? Definitely not. At least that’s what I thought…

Like some of the other items I’ve recently reviewed, I first came into contact with Dark Energy products at their booth at the 2022 SHOT Show. The first thing I noticed was a large banner behind the booth that read “WATERPROOF DROPPROOF CRUSHPROOF.” There were a couple of mannequins in the booth wearing tactical gear and some small gear items strategically placed around the booth.

Dark Energy booth at SHOT Show 2022. (Author photo)

I asked the rep in the booth what exactly I was looking at. He said something to the effect of, “we make virtually indestructible electronics chargers for use by military and other government personnel, but we also offer all of our products to anyone who wants to purchase them.” I asked him what made their product any different than the portable charger I brought to Las Vegas with me, and he just said, “Here, check it out.”

First Reaction

He handed me the charger they call the Poseidon Pro. My first thought was how light it was. Beyond that, its rugged polymer body had knobby grip pieces on it that felt great in my hand. It gave the impression that it would definitely be secure in your hand, even if you were wearing gloves.

Later in the day, I returned to the booth and met the founder of Dark Energy, along with their General Manager. Both of them were incredibly friendly, and they agreed to send some product samples my way so I could check them out for you, our SOFREP readers and members.

About a week after returning home from SHOT Show, I was greeted with a package I was pumped to open. The Dark Energy had made it to my home…in none of the “bad energy” ways…at least I hoped!

Game time! Time to put this new charger through its paces. (Author photo)

Products, Features, and Materials

In the shipment were the following products:

Poseidon Pro

The Poseidon Pro is Dark Energy’s flagship charger and the star of their gear lineup. The Tridyn Cable is easily one of the cooler cord setups I’ve seen. The Plasma Lighter is a weather-resistant, windproof option for lighting a fire, and the Carabiner Pro is a locking, carabiner multi-tool.