If the zombie apocalypse hits, are you the person in your neighborhood who can turn everyday objects into a weapon? If so, then your country needs you.

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is inviting you to demonstrate your MacGyver skills and use them to help keep your fellow Americans safe. And you have five days left to propose your innovation.

The agency will be awarding hefty cash prizes to patriotic Americans who can turn everyday items, like consumer electronics and model airplanes, into weapons and bombs. The key is to identify off-the-shelf products that could be adapted by bad guys to pose a threat to Americans. All together, a successful innovator could win up to about $130,000 for his or her skills.

The foundation for this challenge is improvisation – hence the program’s name: “Improv.” This is your chance to help give the US military the element of surprise.

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Image courtesy of Red Ice Creations