I’m a simple guy that likes simple things. The Glock 19 is just that, a simple no frills handgun that has been widely accepted by both law enforcement and militaries worldwide. The less complicated a device is, the less likely it is to fail. Glock has embodied this theory when they designed their famous handgun. Not having an external safety doesn’t compromise your ability to carry with confidence. Glocks Safe-Action has been preventing accidental discharges since its inception. If you ever need to draw your handgun in self defense, you’ll appreciate this concept as you won’t be required to manipulate an external safety before pulling the trigger. These are precious fractions of a second that could be the difference between life and death.

Glock 19
Silencerco barrel

The Glock 19 is the compact little brother to the full sized 9mm Glock 17.  You wouldn’t think being a fraction of an inch shorter in the barrel and grip would make such a big difference but if you plan to carry one of these handguns concealed like I do in the Bravo Concealment Holster, it makes all the difference in the world.  And maintaining a healthy capacity of 15 rounds in the magazine equals piece of mind should the shit hit the fan. Carry a couple of spare magazines and you now have 45 rounds of high performance 9mm pills.

My personal Glock 19 is a 4th Generation model with a few ergonomic modifications to better suit how I like the gun to feel and react. All the modifications I made are essentially bolt-on aside from one permanent alteration to the trigger guard. I removed a little bit of the polymer frame material with a Dremel Tool at the bottom of the trigger guard. This allows me to move my right hand a little bit higher on the grip and better control the recoil of the pistol. I also use the supplied medium sized back strap with beaver tail which is a unique feature of the Gen 4 Glocks. To further enhance my grip on the sometimes slippery polymer frame, I installed a rubberized grip from Talon Grips. Some people stipple the frame to increase the friction factor but I haven’t seen the need to permanently disfigure my Glock 19 at this point.