The readers of the site should have already figured out long ago that the writers here on the site like our guns. I’ll be the first one to tell you I wasn’t in a traditional combat arms job during my nearly 10 year military career. I didn’t have a career of kicking doors and bringing hate and discontent to America’s enemies but that didn’t stop me from trying to shoot as often as I could and try to digest every bit of gun knowledge I could get my hands on. Anyone who has met me in person and talked about firearms with me can pick up on that fact easily.

We often times get asked by people who read the site what types of firearms we own or like to use. Common questions I get asked is why I prefer one pistol or rifle to another, or what pistol I use for daily conceal carry. Since these questions are being asked more often we have decided on the site to pull back the Magic Curtain of Oz and give you some in-depth looks at our personal weapons preferences.

To start off my part of this ongoing segment I decided to show you my personal conceal carry option, the Sig Sauer P225, 9mm. Before we hop down the bunny trail I want to say that this P225 is not the same as the recently rereleased Sig Sauer P225-A1. My pistol is a pre unification German production and features the “Made in W. Germany” roll mark.


Sig P225
Pre 1989 W. German Pre-Reunification markings

According to Sig Sauer head of pistol development nothing on my P225 is compatible with the current P225A1 including the magazines. When I pressed him for an explanation he refused to comment on it and said it was proprietary information, which to me was a weak response at best especially for the Head of Pistol Development. Anyway let’s get back to this pistol, my choice for conceal carry and why it’s one of my favorite pistols.

I looked for this pistol for a few years and could only find the P6 version of it which was issued to German and Swiss military policemen and border guards primarily. The P6 and the P225 look almost identical except the roll mark and hammer. P6 hammers feature a noticeable loop where as the P225 features a solid hammer. Urban legend is that the P6 has a loop in the hammer so that armorers could tell if the weapon was dropped on its backside. The legend goes on to say that its to ensure proper hammer and sear mating. I have yet to find anyone who could prove that tale, that’s why I refer to it as urban legend.

Why the P225 ?

I get asked that a lot when I tell people what I use for a CCW weapon. To be honest I was a huge fan of Sig Sauer until my dealings with them at SHOT show and have owned more than a dozen different pistols manufactured by them. I also like single stack 9mm pistols, which the P225 is. I previously has used a P239 in .40 S&W until I realized I hated shooting that particular round.