For those familiar with the Kali arts know just how deadly and effective a karambit is. Majority of karambit’s on the market are folding karambits. Recently I reviewed the Emerson Super Karambit and have carried it most days since. The lethality it has is absolutely insane. Just the look of a karambit blade will be intimidating enough for most attackers.  Unfortunately most ‘bad guys’ will not see the blade until it’s too late.

Although the folding karambit’s are great, especially the Emerson Super karambit, they are folders and that in itself is a possible point of failure. Not only is it a possible point of failure, but you need to make sure the blade locks into place once you deploy the blade. The other issue some may have is the aggressive curve to the blade, making it more of a slashing weapon and not stabbing.

fixed blade knife resolves a-lot of these issues, but the fixed bladed karambits tend to be on the larger side and still have that aggressive curve to the blade. Doug Marcaida has collaborated with Max Venom to create the DMAX Karambit. The DMAX is lightweight, concealable, and has a fixed blade. They have also redesigned the blade profile so that it is more in-line with your hand and able to be used for stabbing and even some everyday utility tasks. Take a look at the following video to get a closer look at the blade and just how lethal it can be.

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