The investigation team will include the best operatives SBU and National Police.

The inter-ministerial group to investigate the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, which will include experts from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Khatia Dekanoidze, Security Service, prosecutors and Natspolitsiya will create a task force with the participation of the best operatives

“I have just met with the FBI in Ukraine and representatives of the FBI, too, will be involved in the investigation.” – Said Dekanoidze.

Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RussianCnyxICHWcAAlw2Y Federation  also know as the second bitch of Moscow, next to Putin, had this to add,

Ukraine (not the country and the system) becomes the common grave of journalists and

Editorialism via Buck Clay . . . Add me to another list, FSB -whatevs.

Journalist of the Ukrainian version of the Forbes magazine Maria Rydvan was attacked in the park of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

She wrote on her Facebook page that she was stabbed three times in the park, after which she received medical care in an emergency hospital. “In park for no apparent reason a man ran to me and stabbed me three times… It’s all very strange,” Rydvan wrote on Tuesday.

According to her, she was seriously wounded in the arm, “the cheek was only scratched.” “It is not clear how much time it will take the arm to heal,” Rydvan wrote.

The National Police branch in Kyiv told Interfax-Ukraine that this information is being verified.

The police communications department in Kyiv said they had received information about the incident from the doctors, according to which on Tuesday a 25-year-old woman sought medical treatment for cut wounds of the left arm and shoulder, and said she works as an editor in a publication. In her words, the incident took place on Peremohy Avenue in Solomiansky district in Kyiv.

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