I’m going to cover two things today that are both interrelated: the Active Shooter in Auckland last week and, related closely to that, Domestic Violence. Why? The offender in the New Zealand shooting was a convicted domestic violence perpetrator who then moved on to extreme and lethal violence against others – outside the home. You can read about it here.

Today, you will learn two things: addressing domestic violence for both males and females and what to do, and how to survive an active shooter like that. I’d like to touch first on domestic violence from my policing perspective. For those that don’t know me, I spent ten years in the New Zealand Army and three years in New Zealand Special Forces. My job was counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, and I then moved on to front-line policing here in Australia.

The Reality of Police Response

Here’s the thing that covers both those subjects: police will not likely be there in time to save you. I was a cop, my friends were cops, and my friends are still cops. If you’re lucky, they can be close by. If. Those people last week in the building and that person inside the house that was assaulted horribly by domestic violence were not failed by the police – they were failed by themselves. The police couldn’t save her at that time, and police couldn’t save those people that were shot and those shot dead by him at that time – BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY WERE NOT THERE. We all wish that we could be. I wish we lived in a place where that police response was timely enough.

And in New Zealand, the police response was fast to that shooting – the Police station is around 4 blocks from there. And yet, people still were harmed and killed. That’s a fact. It’s a sad fact.

AI rendering of the Auckland Shooter
An AI rendering of the Auckland shooter, who will go unnamed here. Image from SOFREP.com

The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Let’s return to domestic violence. There is financial abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, and physical abuse. They are all the same – abuse. And it runs in a cycle: Honeymoon Phase, Tension- Building Phase, Explosion Phase, and Reconciliation Phase. The Explosion Phase is where it is upon you to act… no matter what – it’s fight or flight. I covered this in my earlier SOFREP article: Playground Stabbing in France: Former Operator Shares 3 Steps You Can Take To Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

To Summarize, You Have To Be Able To Turn Toward Danger:

1. Turn toward the threat.

2. Take action. Some form of action that’s going to save your life.