An Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane crashed in Ryazan, a Central Russian city, on Friday, June 24.  Four of the nine crew members were reportedly killed immediately,  while the remaining five were injured.

Il-76 Crashed

According to the reports, the Russian military cargo plane was on a training flight when it suffered an engine malfunction after refueling at Ryazan’s Dyagilevo airfield some 124 miles southeast of Moscow. The Il-76 was from the Western Russian city of Belgorod and heading to the southern Urals city of Orenburg. The regional government’s crisis response team said,

The crisis response team of the regional government informs that, according to preliminary information, four people were killed when a plane crashed near the Mikhailovskoye highway in the city of Ryazan.

The five people who sustained injuries of varying degrees were admitted to hospitals to receive the medical assistance they needed. Later, Russian News Agency TASS reported that one of the crewmembers with severe injuries died, raising the death toll to five. Video footage showed a huge chunk of the plane’s engine charred and still smoking at its crash site near some houses in the area.