• Military and government officials are pushing a non-lethal missile that could possibly shut down a North Korean missile launch in its tracks.
  • The missile uses readily available technology, but politicians have criticized the Pentagon for being slow to adopt it and systems like it.
  • While the missile may have advantages over traditional missiles, it could still massively escalate tensions with North Korea and lead to a war if used.

The White House has been informed of a newly developed cruise missile that proponents say could knock out North Korean missile launches in their tracks without killing anyone, according to NBC News.

The missile, a Boeing AGM-86B air-launched cruise missile with a Counter-electronics High-power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) payload, launches off of planes just like the nuclear variant commonly found on B-52s.

But instead of a nuclear payload, the CHAMP payload fires microwave pulses that have successfully shut down electronics in multi-story buildings in previous tests.


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Featured image courtesy of U.S. Air Force