DeGroat Tactical Armaments had an M-60 barrel nearing the end of its serviceable life and the decided to make an educational video and finish it off with 1500+ rounds of tracer.

Most of us don’t have the budget or the hardware to shoot a belt fed until the barrel glows but it is fun to watch someone else do it. When you need a lot of lead sent downrange, there is no substitute for the 7.62 belt fed.  The home defense applications are limited, but interesting to consider.

At the Fort Benning School for wayward boys, I learned that the machineguns  are 80% of the platoon’s fire power.  Every machinegunner know that if you want to provide fire support all day, you have to change barrels way before they glow.

Here is what happens when you don’t change barrels. I hope the First Sergeant can get a new barrel in the next resupply bird.

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