Democrats loudly voiced their displeasure with FBI Director James Comey during a closed-door briefing to discuss Russian hacking on Friday, according to multiple reports.

Several lawmakers told The Hill that some in attendance, including former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, confronted Comey about how he handled the scandal surrounding Russian actors hacking Democratic Party institutions, including the DNC.

Wasserman-Schultz reportedly told Comey that he should have come directly to the DNC with the information about the hacking. Comey responded that he followed the proper procedure in notifying DNC officials of the breach, according to The Hill.

One Democrat reportedly shouted at Comey: “You let us down!”

Lawmakers at the meeting referenced a tense final 15 minutes, but did not elaborate on what exactly was discussed during the final part of the briefing.

“I’m disappointed, outraged — many of us are right now,” Rep. Tim Walz, a Democrat from Minnesota, told The Hill. “I’ll wait to pass full judgment, but the exchange that just happened in the final 15 minutes gives me no reason to have confidence.”


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