A month after the United States pledged to send more than 30 M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) units to the battlefield in Ukraine, a Pro-Russian group released a how-to video detailing the weaknesses of the behemoth regardless of the variation.

Hit Zones of the American War Machine

Rybar, a known Pro-Russian media, published a “how to” video on Sunday detailing the hit zones and vulnerabilities of the revered American MBT—heralded as a “hard to kill” war machine. The release came a month after the US announced it would arm Ukrainians with M1A2 Abrams to boost its fight against the invading Russian Army.

The first few minutes of the video highlight the tank’s impenetrable features, recognizing Abrams’ “powerful armor, active protection systems, and other survivability modules,” which are responsible for its combat survivability.

Nevertheless, Abrams is not an invulnerable machine,” it emphasized as the tone shifts, adding, “like any other vehicle, it can be disabled.”

From there, it discussed the American tank’s hardest-hit zones and its most vulnerable parts, which adversaries could target.

Accordingly, the Abrams’ “frontal protrusion” would be the most difficult to penetrate, but parts like the turret’s roof would ensure a sure kill. The machine’s optics, as well as its surveillance and communication systems on the turret’s roof, could be a great target for attackers, firing large-caliber machine guns and/or grenade launchers, it added.

Screengrab via YouTube

However, the video highlighted the need to use the most advanced anti-tank weapons available to get through the sophisticated combined armor of the American tank. It then reiterated the use of either machine guns or grenade launchers to “hit the fuel tanks or the locations of the drivers, mechanics, and other crew members of the turret.”

The Abrams is less difficult to hit from the sides,” explaining how light weapons can attack its engine, fuel tanks, combat compartment, and ammo storage. In addition, it emphasized that, like any other tanks, the Abrams’ tracks could also be hit to immobilize the machine, becoming an “easy … immovable target.”